Mr. Wizard, or Did I Imagine That?

I have zero clue why I just thought of this now but it came into my head and I wanted to do a search to see if I’m just confusing something or not.

Back in the 80s, Mr. Wizard was pretty much awesome, doing experiments and teaching kids, and sometimes being a smartass. But I recall something like a short-lived series that featured short films directed by kids. I don’t remember the title of the show. I don’t remember what day, or even what year, but I have it in my mind that Mr. Wizard hosted this show as well. Or maybe I’m just imagining everything…

There’s one particular film I remember.

There’s a kid sitting at a kitchen table. He’s probably about eight years old or so. He’s eating cereal and his dad (I’m assuming it’s his dad) leaves out the front door of an apartment. The boy eats for a while, then gets up to rinse out his bowl.

When he gets to the sink, he looks in and pauses, calmly looking down at a hand reaching up through the drain and flopping around. It’s not reaching for him or anything really. Just moving around trying to grab anything.

There’s a second surreal moment that I don’t remember, but it leads the kid into something like a basement or storage unit or something, with steel shelving and random boxes and items. At one point, he turns and sees a walking shark. He pushes the shark (I think) and it all resolves the weird story.

A very quick google search didn’t come up with anything but it’s such a strong memory it had to have been a real thing. Had to. But I do have dreams I’ve had in the past that have stuck with me, even 25 years after having them, so maybe this is just another? Anyone else heard of this show or the short?

Or anyone wanna help me produce a movie about a hand in a drain and a walking shark?

In the meantime, here’s Mr. Wizard being an asshole:


~ by Michael Engel on December 25, 2013.

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