Soundtrack to My Life 12.28

So, still working out the kinks in the system.  I reset my iTunes play counts to zero on all songs to keep track of what I’d discussed.  And upon advisement and a nice break in monotony (and predictability) I’ll just put it on shuffle and go that way.  Also, I’ve thought about adjusting the “Car Belting Factor” to accomodate instrumental songs, as well as the “Rock Band Factor” for those songs with no vocals or what not.  Anyway, they’re both completely arbitrary systems I use to frame my discussion, so it’s not a big deal in the long run anyway.  But all changes will be noted.

Without further ado…

The Cure – In Between Days

Where You’ve Heard It:  Well, originally an 80s hit from iconic band, The Cure, this song has been covered most notably by Ben Folds.  Also it was part of the awesome soundtrack to the British comedy film “Starter For Ten” starring James McAvoy.  One of the more popular songs by The Cure (or at least to me, more recognizable), it tells the brief story of loss and regret and the frustrated longing of pleading for forgiveness and return.  No wonder The Cure are among the biggest influences of Emo bands…

RBF:  A lot of songs by The Cure feature more piano than guitar, so it’s difficult to transfer them to Rock Band, this being a notable exception.  Vocally, it’s challenging and strange, but seems like it’d be a fun song to sing.  Drums are challenging but with a fun pattern that shouldn’t seem old.  It’s a fast-paced song, so that helps, but the intermittent cymbal crashes would be fun, and the intro drum roll kicks a lot of ass.  The guitar is a lot of chord strumming, and more for rhythm as the piano/synth carries most of the melody, but there’s enough variation that it’s not all just mindless strumming.  The bass is solid throughout in the background, with a fair amount of variation as well.  It’s definitely something that SHOULD be on Rock Band, and I kind of have a hunch it will, as there are other songs I wouldn’t have expected from the same era that don’t have the same fun factor. RBF = 9

CBF: There’s something to Robert Smith’s vocal style that makes this a fun song to just rip into when nobody’s looking. I wouldn’t say he wails, because he’s still singing, but it’s close.  And that’s fun.  CBF = 8

GPF: I’m pretty late to the dance on a number of bands, for various reasons.  I’m often ironically distracted and then focus on bands I already listen to, rather than brancing out into a lot of new music.  Or new old music, as it usually turns out.  I’m just getting more into The Who, Bob Dylan, The Cure and a few others.  I didn’t mean to neglect them, I just never came into hearing their work that often or dismissed it as not as interesting as it is.  In any event, The Cure is a band that now that I’m getting into them more and more, I’m glad.  They bring a lot of emotion, and while some of the melancholy isn’t everyone’s taste, I dig it.  I’ll give it a GPF of 6 on that, since it may not be everyone’s first choice.

Overall:  I really like this song.  Probably my favorite by the Cure (though I must admit being unfamiliar with the majority of their library).  I recommend it to anyone who likes some good all-around rock music.


~ by Michael Engel on December 29, 2008.

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